Home Strategy

“To build successful and lasting partnerships through hard work, proven sales methods, and integrity within our unique structure to generate a profit and create a proactive working environment for all parties involved.”

COP is a niche brokerage firm. This means we are focused. Our business model has proven that a limited line focus is the only way to achieve the yearly growth that we all want, and expect. We represent 12 top quality companies through relationships developed over the past 20 years. Comparatively, most small brokers represent 25-35 lines while most large brokers represent 35-65 lines. Our limited line focus makes us who we are. It gives us our edge as we have the ability to concentrate only on our selected products while our sales force is more readily able to penetrate the market and achieve year over year growth.

Not only does our outside presence have a non-traditional, yet sound, structure but our inside workings complement our company strategy as well. COP sales reps receive a major percentage of all commissions on every case of product we sell. Reps also cover their entire sales expenses. High commission rates, productivity in sales, and money management makes COP Food Sales the most aggressive sales force in the country.

COP Food Sales, Inc. was set up overall in a most productive and proactive manner. True to the capitalistic principles that make America the strongest economy in the world.